Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ode to 2012:

Alex is doing well in school. He is a wiz kid on math.  Is kind to all and generally happy.  He is a people pleaser and very helpful.  He is very much an old soul...saying to funniest things...mostly things an old man would say.  Even though he and Dylan are 20 months apart he is just as tall and has a couple pounds on Dylan, oh and has become a I have to buy mens size shoes for him and he is so proud.

Dylan turned 12 in October and was able to be ordained to the priesthood.  He really enjoys passing the sacrament and YM activities.  He has had several eye surgeries starting in August...5 retina, 1 cataract and 2 cornea surgeries.  He has remained in good spirits and handled everything like a champ.  We are so proud of him.  He is doing so well in school especially math and science.

Emma is almost 15...which means driving...she looks at every older car she sees with googoo eyes.  We will see.  She is a freshman this year and doing well.  She got a snake for Christmas and is really enjoying it, more than I thought.  She enjoys anything music related and is in the choir at school...I think she has been in the choir since 4th grade.  She is constantly singing, playing the piano, printing and writing music.

Samantha is still working at the LDS Draper temple although getting burnt out with the schedule.  Still sewing and creating things in her spare time.  She went to England, France and The Netherlands in the spring and had a great time.

Justin is working for GE and enjoying it.  He was in a car accident this year which was scary but wasn't hurt too bad.  He is the "cookie king" in our house...he makes the best chocolate chip cookies.  He enjoys anything outdoors especially ice fishing.

I know my pics aren't in order...I am not very good at this.


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